Company / Firm / Co-operative Society dealing with seed, production, processing, marketing and companies associated with the seed industry are eligible to become a member.



  • Maintaining good relations between members of the associations.
  • Assists the members in supply/allocation of Breeder Seed of State & Central Varieties.
  • Coordinates the Evaluation of newly developed varieties/hybrids of members with the Agriculture & Horticulture University.
  • Coordinates the members in R & D verifications as one of the Committee member conducted by Agriculture Department, Seed Certification Agency and Agriculture/Horticulture Universities.
  • Assistance/Coordination to the Members on Seed related issues with the Agriculture Department, State Government and Universities.
  • Communicates the circulars/guidelines/notifications/instructions to the members issued by Agriculture Department, State Government and Universities.
  • Represents the seed related issues i.e. licensing and other seed regulatory issues to the Agriculture Department & State Government.




  • Any Seed Company engaged in seed production, processing and marketing of Seed of Field crops, Fodder crops, Spices & Vegetables are fundamentally eligible under “Member Seed Companies”.
  • Other Firms & Companies engaged in ancillary industries associated with seed production, processing, machinery, testing equipment, packaging material & cold storage are eligible as “Associate Members”.
  • Any Association registered under societies act (or) registered under Section 25 of corporate act (or) under any similar act with sound functioning are eligible under “Association Member”.
  • Any Association representing the seed industry (or) any other related industry (or) representing any commerce body are also eligible under “Association Member”.

Membership Category & Fee:


Admission Fee of Rs. 5000/- for New Seed Company Members / Associate Members

Annual Renewal fee for categories of Members i.e.


 Category – A  Turn over 200 Crores and above  Rs. 75,000/-
 Category – B  Turn over 100 Crores to 200 Crores  Rs. 60,000/-
 Category – C  Turn over 25 Crores to 100 Crores  Rs. 40,000/-
 Category – D  Turn over 10 Crores to 25 Crores  Rs. 25,000/-
 Category – E  Turn over 5 Crores to 10 Crores  Rs. 15,500/-
 Category – F  Turn over Less than 5 Crores  Rs. 10,000/-
 Category – G  Turn over Less than 5 Crores  Rs.  7,500/-


 Associate Member  Rs. 10,000/-

Become a Member:


The Company / Firm / Co-operative Society dealing with seed, production, processing, marketing and companies associated with the seed industry who are eligible as per the criteria are to make an application for new membership to the Seedsmen Association along with relevant admission & membership fee as per the category based on the Sales Turnover of the Seed Company duly referred & attested by one of the Present Executive Committee Member of the Association. After verification and approval of the Office Bearers, the Seed Company will be enrolled for the membership in SMA.


Application form (Download Here)


The Membership is given on the annual turnover basis of the seed company to fix the annual membership fee as finalized by the Executive Committee from time to time, in addition to the admission fee.